MissCosmoWorld X GeoSkinCare

Miss CosmoWorld Malaysia x GEO SkinCare
Miss CosmoWorld Malaysia x GEO SkinCare
Miss CosmoWorld Malaysia x GEO SkinCare
Nanochip Skin Permeation Enhancer (1.0)
Solve all your skin problem professionally with the revolutionary patented nanochip technology. No pain and downtime, safe and convenient, value for money.
Super Hyaluronic Acid Serum (HA)
Hydrates & plump, great for dehydrate skin
Active Oxygen Pore Purifying Mask
Adsorb the dirt in pores and clean skin. 
Remove aged horniness, purify and expel turbidity.
Super Hydrating Treatment Facial Mask
Natural, fresh yeast extract, meet toned and youthful skin
Anti-Spot Vitamin Whitening Mask
The four whitening and anti-spot ingredients are combined to make the face look like a “Bulb”
Peptides Anti-Aging Serum (BP)
Lifting & firming, reduce fine lines, bring back youthfulness to your face
Anti-Aging Revival Firming Mask
Lifting and firming
Thermal Spring SOS Essence
Sensitive savior to improve redness and itching.
Thermal spring water repair / soothing sensitive skin.
Thermal Spring Sun Protection Spray
Not afraid exposure to the sun.
GEO SkinCare Mask Collection
Skin Perfector B.B, Cream
Protect your skin from dust, radiation & polluted air, Blurred out pimples and fine lines, hydrates and flawless effect
Sun protection collection
Southern Alps Brightening Scrub
Southern Alps Brightening Scrub with rose damask, sweet almond shell powder, edelweiss, and lady’s mantle, helps to gently remove lifeless, dull skin cells,result in brighter skin and reveal glowing.
Improve Keratosis Pilaris / Dry Skin / Cracked Skin
Soften Keratin, Skin Softening, Brightening & Repairing
Foundation + Loose Powder (Makeup set)
Remover Oil collection
Dr. Joanna
Water Spa Sleeping Mask + Collagen Sleeping Mask
Skin Perfector B.B. Cream
Skin Perfector B.B. Cream
Nanochip Skin Permeation Enhancer

2020 Malaysia Top 12 Finalist

1. Shindy Kua
2. Joan Chon
3. Haylynn Tan Siau Thong
4. Kayley Hau
5. Jeana Sum
6. Catherine Wong
7. Angel Yong
8. Regina Woo
9. Qiqi Lain
10. Eileen Hor
11. Jamie Chin
12. Zoe yeoh